Textile Technology and Design Form 2

Textile Technology and Design Form 2
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    Florence Zisengwe
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About Book “Textile Technology and Design Form 2"

The Gramsol Secondary Textile Technology and Design is a new curriculum series that focuses on the study of fabrics and fibres used in the manufacturing of various textile materials for individual and community needs. It covers the theoretical and practical aspects of production, construction, manufacturing, use, storage and management of textile materials, crafts and soft furnishings. The series develops the learners with skills and knowledge in creativity and design, management, technology and enterprising skills. It also exposes the learners to the industrial production system and the use of technology in the construction and manufacturing of textile materials. The Textile Technology and Design series is embedded with the following features to support  teaching and accelerate the learning process.

  • The Metal Technology and Design series shows in-depth information that meets the acceptation of new curriculum according to needs and wants of the Ministry of Education in Zimbabwe .The series according to the Ministry of Education helps learners to develop skills in problem solving, analytical thinking, decision making, leadership, planning and designing, enterprising and communication
  • Detailed diagrams and relevant illustrations which helps the learner understand more on the various topic that covered in the entire series.
  • ICT links are also provided to give the learners more literature on the various topic covered in the series.
  • There are objectives which help the learner know what they will learn nd what they are expected to do at the end of each unit
  • For self-assessment which provides learners with the end of unit exercises end of topic tests as well as end of term tests.
  • The glossaries are at the end as well as the index which helps to make reference much easier.
  • Principles of individuality, teamwork, wholeness and stimulation must be applied to enhance both learning and teaching process.

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Textile Technology and Design Form 2
Florence Zisengwe