Let’s Do Family Religion and Moral Education Grade...

Let’s Do Family Religion and Moral Education Grade 5
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    Jane Pambwai
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About Book “Let's Do Family Religion and Moral Education Grade 5"

The Gramsol Primary Family and Moral Education series supports students in mastering the ideas and concepts to successfully proceed through primary education new curriculum. It also helps the students to know and understand the importance of religion and how it influence our way of living. The Primary Gramsol Family Religion and Moral Education series is embedded with the following features and approach to support teaching and accelerate learning process.

Interactive learning is employed to produce competent and self-reliant students.
Secure knowledge through the learner-centered approach by discussing concepts in a fun and engaging way.
Develop factual reasoning through exploring case studies and fun facts.
Enhance the students’ ability to research through ICT links and also encourages the habit of further reading.
To determine whether students have properly mastered the objectives for each unit with end of unit exercise.

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Let's Do Family Religion and Moral Education Gr...
Jane Pambwai