Computer Science Form 3

Computer Science Form 3
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    Mercy Chinyuku, Mary Muhonde, Paidamoyo Mastara, &John Batane
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About Book “Computer Science Form 3"

The Gramsol Computer Sciences series it provides learners with sufficient new curriculum content and enables learners to apply theory and practical aspects of computer science. It also promotes in students innovative thinking for socio-economic development and equips learners with knowledge of the evolving nature of technology while applying research in computer based projects. It also prepares the learners for future education or branding to more specific and specialised fields of computing. The Gramsol Computer Science series is embedded with following features and approach to support teaching and accelerate learning process.

  • There is an appropriate balance between depth and breadth in the treatment of the new curriculum Computer Science series content.
  • For self-assessment tasks and exercises are appropriate, balanced in number and congruent with the instructional strategies and learning targets.
  • The text connects with student prior knowledge for example by including analogies and example that are familiar to the students’ experience.
  • There are adequate example and detailed illustrations which helps the students to understand better.
  • To encourage and facilitate students to read extensively there are related ICT links selected for further reading.
  • An index is included to make easy reference.

Computer Science is a learning area which among other encompasses, Computer Application, Network Technologies, Technopreneuship, Computer Architecture Systems, Development, Security and Ethical principles that meet local and global standards.

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Computer Science Form 3
Mercy Chinyuku, Mary Muhonde, Paidamoyo Mastara, &John Batane