Gramsol Combined Science Form 3

Gramsol Combined Science Form 3
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    Salani Mapungwana Chikake & Mathias Sithole
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About Book “Gramsol Combined Science Form 3"

The Gramsol Combined Science adheres to the new Curriculum. The book series provides an understanding in Combined Science and a suitable preparation for the study of science related fields. It aims to equip learners in their diverse needs with scientific skills of long term value in an increasingly technological world. The Gramsol Combined Science series is embedded with following features and approach to support teaching and accelerate learning process.

  • There is an appropriate balance between depth and breadth in the treatment of the new curriculum Combined Science series content.
  • For self-assessment tasks and exercises are appropriate, balanced in number and congruent with the instructional strategies and learning targets.
  • Fun facts and “Think about it” is used to motive learning and understanding.
  • The text connects with student prior knowledge for example by including analogies and example that are familiar to the students’ experience.
  • There are adequate example and detailed illustrations which helps the students to understand better. To encourage and facilitate students to read extensively there are related ICT links selected for further reading.

A learner- centered practical approach to the subject is adopted to develop scientific thinking and application of acquired knowledge
and skills.

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Gramsol Combined Science Form 3
Salani Mapungwana Chikake & Mathias Sithole