Gramsol Biology Form 3

Gramsol Biology Form 3
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    Salani Mapungwana Chikake
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About Book “Gramsol Biology Form 3"

The Gramsol Biology series is designed for learners to acquire theoretical and practical skills in the study of the dynamic relationships between living things, their interdependence, their interactions with the non-living environment and the processes that maintain life and ensure its continuity. It provides learners with good new curriculum content and enables learners to apply theory and practical aspects of biology. Learners also acquire knowledge and skills of inquiry that helps them to critically examine the issue that arises in lives and in public domain content covered. The Gramsol Biology series is embedded with the following features and approach to support teaching and accelerate the learning process.

  • There is an appropriate balance between depth and breadth in the treatment of the new curriculum Biology series content.
  • For self-assessment tasks and exercises are appropriate, balanced in number and congruent with the instructional strategies and learning targets.
  • The text connects with prior student knowledge for example, by including analogies and example that are familiar to the students’ experience.
  • There are adequate example and detailed illustrations which helps the students to understand better.
  • To allow the learner to practice there are through exercises and tests in every unit.
  • To encourage and facilitate students to read extensively, there are related ICT links selected for further reading.
  • An index is included to make easy reference.

It is important to note that a multi-sensory learner-centred approach is to be adopted to the learning and teaching process. Principles of individuality, teamwork, wholeness and stimulation must be applied to enhance both learning and teaching process.

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Gramsol Biology Form 3
Salani Mapungwana Chikake