Mastering A Level Statistics Form 5

Mastering A Level Statistics Form 5
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    Stanley Maunze
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About Book “Mastering A Level Statistics Form 5"

The Gramsol Statistics series supports students in developing statistical ideas and reasoning skills needed to proceed successfully through the A level education curriculum framework. It also helps learners with a statistical approach and extending concepts to ensure learners master mathematical language. The Gramsol Statistics series is embedded with the following features and approach to support teaching and accelerate the learning process.

  • Develops mathematical language with new words and worked examples.
  • Stimulate and build fluency in students as they do practical activities in class.
  • Secure knowledge through the learner-centred approach by discussing concepts in a fun and engaging way.
  • For self-assessment tasks and exercises are appropriate, balanced in number and congruent with the instructional strategies and learning targets.
  • Incorporates assessment for learning through exercise at the end of each unit.
  • It is important to note that a multi-sensory learner-centred approach is to be adopted to the learning and teaching process.
  • Principles of individuality, teamwork, wholeness and stimulation must be applied to enhance both learning and teaching process.

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Mastering A Level Statistics Form 5
Stanley Maunze