About Us

Gramsol Publishing is a fast-growing publishing company that produces educational material for various markets. We started operating in 2010 as a distributor and have since become a fully-fledged
publisher of original educational content. We have always been passionate about making a
difference in the Education Sector and our goal is to produce good quality products that leave a
mark in the industry. We thrive to serve the entire education sector from Primary to Tertiary by
creating relevant content.

Mission & Vision

To produce relevant and high quality educational material and provide excellent service to all our stakeholders by:

  • Publishing well researched, edited and relevant content
  • Producing appealing and engaging products
  • Publishing across all levels of the Education Sector
  • Responding to the needs of our stakeholders efficiently

To be Africa’s leading publisher of educational books for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and
Professional Education.

Our Values

We will keep our customers at heart in all that we do, most importantly teachers and learners. We will strive to deliver on our promise to deliver good quality educational material. 

We take personal responsibility and deliver what we say we will whilst acting with integrity.

At Gramsol our people are respected and valued in an honest open environment.